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New Subaru for Sale in Pembroke Pines, FL

New Subaru for Sale in Pembroke Pines

Looking for a brand-new Subaru to take you on your next adventure? Look no further than Subaru of Pembroke Pines, your ultimate destination for Pembroke Pines area shoppers seeking the perfect new Subaru car or SUV to meet all their needs! Our knowledgeable and friendly sales team is dedicated to helping you make sure you find the ideal new Subaru at a fantastic value.

Our extensive selection features all the latest and most popular new Subaru models available for sale, offering a variety of colors, trim levels, and features to choose from. With so many exciting new Subaru models in our showroom, we’re confident we have the perfect one to suit your needs. Come and visit us at Pembroke Pines today to meet our team and discover all the benefits of buying a new Subaru with us!

Whether you’re in the market for a practical and fuel-efficient new car like the new Subaru Legacy or new Subaru Impreza or a spacious SUV like the new Subaru Outback or new Subaru Forester, Subaru of Pembroke Pines is your one-stop-shop. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

New Subaru Outback for Sale

For those drivers residing in the Pembroke Pines region seeking a robust and stylish off-road SUV with ample cargo capacity and a smooth driving experience, the newly available Subaru Outback at Subaru of Pembroke Pines should unquestionably be their top choice. As the flagship SUV from Subaru, the new Outback for sale represents the pinnacle of Subaru’s innovations in safety, technology, and performance. Whether you’re navigating the scenic routes along South Beach or embarking on family outings to the Chapel Trail Park Nature Reserve, the new Subaru Outback ensures both comfort and convenience for you and your passengers. We invite you to visit our Subaru dealership in Pembroke Pines to explore the full spectrum of features and capabilities that this exciting new Subaru SUV brings to the table. Check out all the different incredible trims available:

  • Outback Base
  • Outback Premium
  • Outback Limited
  • Outback Onyx Edition
  • Outback Onyx Edition XT
  • Outback Touring 
  • Outback Wilderness
  • Outback Limited XT
  • Outback Touring XT

New Subaru Crosstrek for Sale

If you’re a driver in the Pembroke Pines area seeking a reliable, adaptable, and fuel-efficient crossover SUV, you should undoubtedly consider the new Subaru Crosstrek for sale at Subaru of Pembroke Pines. The most recent Subaru Crosstreks prioritize safety, now featuring enhanced standard EyeSight Driver Assist Technology to provide added peace of mind during your journeys. Furthermore, the new Crosstrek offers a comprehensive set of active safety features, such as Blind-Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, along with the option to enjoy SUBARU STARLINK® Safety and Security connected services. Experience heightened safety, advanced technology, and a refreshed rugged aesthetic with the entirely redesigned new Subaru Crosstrek. Choose from our many different trim options:

  • Crosstrek Base
  • Crosstrek Premium
  • Crosstrek Sport
  • Crosstrek Limited

New Subaru Forester for Sale

The new Subaru Forester, ideal for drivers in Pembroke Pines, maintains Subaru’s legacy of reliability and versatility. It features upgraded EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, offering advanced safety with adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking. In addition, the Forester includes active safety elements like Blind-Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, further enhancing security. The option of SUBARU STARLINK® Safety and Security adds connectivity and peace of mind. This SUV balances safety with a refined and stylish design, as well as ample cargo space, making it well-suited for various adventures around Florida. The new Subaru Forester is a compelling choice for those seeking a dependable, well-rounded crossover SUV, featuring six impressive trim options:

  • Forester Base
  • Forester Premium
  • Forester Sport
  • Forester Limited
  • Forester Wilderness
  • Forester Touring

New Subaru Ascent for Sale

The new Subaru Ascent, following in the footsteps of its Subaru siblings, continues to exemplify everything Subaru stands for. For Pembroke Pines drivers seeking a dependable and spacious SUV, the Subaru Ascent is a top choice. It shares the enhanced standard EyeSight Driver Assist Technology with the latest Subaru models, bolstering safety with features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking. Furthermore, the new Ascent offers a comprehensive suite of active safety elements, including Blind-Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, ensuring peace of mind during your travels. With its generous interior space, standard all-wheel drive and robust design, the new Subaru Ascent is an excellent choice for Pembroke Pines residents seeking a trustworthy, family-friendly SUV that seamlessly blends advanced safety features with rugged style. The Subaru Ascent offers four amazing trim options:

  • Ascent Base
  • Ascent Premium
  • Ascent Limited 
  • Ascent Touring

We offer a diverse range of new Subarus at Subaru of Pembroke Pines, and we’re certain that we have the ideal one to match your unique requirements. Our welcoming and well-informed sales team is excited to showcase the benefits of owning a new Subaru. Don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a test drive today – it’s just a few clicks away! We’re eager to collaborate with you and invite you to explore the various services and additional Subaru inventory options we provide, including:

New Electric Vehicles | Subaru Solterra | Subaru Legacy | Subaru Impreza | Subaru WRX | Subaru BRZ | New Subaru Specials | Service Center | Finance Center | Collision Center

Communities We Serve:

Miami | Fort Lauderdale | Kendall | Weston | Hollywood


Subaru of Pembroke Pines FAQs

How Long Does a Subaru Last?

Subarus are renowned for their durability, often lasting well over 200,000 miles with proper maintenance. Factors such as regular servicing, driving habits, and environmental conditions play roles in longevity. Modern Subarus benefit from advanced engineering, robust materials, and reliable drivetrains, contributing to their longevity. Many Subaru owners report trouble-free driving experiences even after surpassing 300,000 miles. Ultimately, consistent care and adherence to manufacturer guidelines can ensure a Subaru’s lasting performance, making them a popular choice for those seeking longevity and reliability in their vehicles.

Is Subaru Reliable?

Subaru stands out as an exceptionally reliable automotive brand, consistently exceeding expectations with their durable construction and dependable performance. Their commitment to engineering excellence is evident in features like the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system, ensuring superior traction and stability in diverse driving conditions. Subaru’s track record of producing long-lasting vehicles is backed by countless satisfied owners who praise their longevity and resilience. Moreover, Subaru’s emphasis on safety and innovation further reinforces their reputation as a top choice for drivers seeking a reliable and trustworthy vehicle. Across the board, Subaru’s reliability remains a standout feature that continues to impress enthusiasts and experts alike.

What is Subaru Known For?

Subaru is known for several key attributes that have cemented its reputation in the automotive industry. Firstly, Subaru is renowned for its symmetrical all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, which provides excellent traction and stability across various road and weather conditions. Secondly, Subaru has a strong focus on safety, consistently earning top safety ratings in crash tests and offering advanced driver-assistance features. Additionally, Subaru is recognized for its boxer engine design, known for its lower center of gravity and smooth performance. Subaru is also renowned for the Subaru Love Promise, emphasizing community involvement and sustainability, which also distinguishes Subaru as a brand that goes beyond just making cars, contributing to its overall appeal among consumers. Across the board, Subaru’s reliability and holistic approach to automotive excellence make it a standout choice in the market.

Is Subaru Starlink Worth It?

Subaru Starlink is worth it for drivers who prioritize safety, convenience, and connectivity features in their vehicles. Its offerings such as automatic collision notification, remote services like starting the vehicle or locking/unlocking doors via smartphone, and maintenance alerts contribute to peace of mind and streamlined vehicle management. Additionally, the entertainment and connectivity options, including access to apps and in-vehicle Subaru Starlink Wi-Fi, enhance the overall driving experience.

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