Life changes quite a bit when your family grows and you become a parent. As such, your driving needs are also going to change. Turning to Subaru of Pembroke Pines to find your ideal family car is a great choice since new Subaru vehicles are known to last a long time, so you shouldn't expect to need to replace your family vehicle in the near future. Our Subaru dealer near Miramar is home to a vast selection of Subaru vehicles that offer plenty of features that are perfect for the whole family.


Family Car Consideration

Practicality and reliability are two important factors when looking for a family car. Being that Subaru vehicles excel in both of these areas, you've come to the right place. You want plenty of space to bring along necessary items like strollers and diaper bags, along with other supplies as your kids get older. Of course, safety is crucial when driving, especially when transporting your kids across town or wherever your adventures as a family take you. Having a spacious car will help with this, but you also want your family car to include safety features that can help you avoid collisions in the first place.


Perfect Subaru Cars for Families

Subaru Forester: The Subaru Forester is an ideally-sized crossover SUV for new families. Five passengers can comfortably sit inside the sleek, stylish interior and enjoy a smooth and peaceful ride, thanks to the solid chassis and tight suspension of the Subaru Global Platform. All-wheel drive is a standard feature, so handling on wet roads or rocky surfaces will be no problem. The EyeSight® driver safety suite, which features advanced driver assist features to help you avoid collisions, comes standard. The all-new DriverFocus™ distraction mitigation system is also an available feature, which could come in handy when your kids start driving in the future.

Subaru Ascent: The third-row Subaru Ascent is Subaru's introduction into the third-row SUV market and it has already made a significant splash. The spacious seating arrangement can hold up to eight passengers in comfort and the rear cargo area offers plenty of room for any supplies you may need to bring with you. The EyeSight® safety suite also comes standard to give you extra security on the road.

Head over to our Subaru dealer in Pembroke Pines today to find the perfect vehicle for your growing family.